Jon Cross Receives Second Pro-Life Endorsement

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Inc. (RTLACO) announced today their selection of Jon Cross for endorsement in the 83rd Ohio House District Republican primary. The statewide organization selected Cross because of his pro-life and pro-family stance on policy issues, consistent responses to survey questions, and ability to be successful in his efforts.

“Jon Cross definitely meets RTLACO’s demanding criteria of candidates, and is a consistent conservative” commented Ed Sitter, President of the organization. “We were pleased with Jon’s pro-life background and responses on our key issues, and anticipate a strong stance for life from him in the future in the Ohio House.”

“We are confident that pro-life voters in the 83rd House District can rest assured that Jon Cross will work diligently to advance the right to life for all Ohioans, both born and unborn” stated Jeff Barefoot, chairman of RTLACO’s Election Education Committee. Other endorsement by the organization can be found at

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Inc., exists to provide representation, leadership and support to the pro-life movement in Ohio and to public officials and candidates who courageously work for the protection of innocent human life in the public arena. It supports and advances those institutions that intrinsically foster pro-life principles within society, essentially authentic marriage and the family.

Jon Cross is running in the May 8th Republican primary in the 83rd Ohio House District, which includes Hancock, Hardin and parts of Logan county.

To learn more about Jon Cross and additional endorsements, please visit

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