Cross Addressed Swamp-Style Campaign by Opponent

(Press Release) KENTON –  Today, Conservative State Representative Candidate Jon Cross held a press conference and called for his opponent, Cheryl Buckland to put an end to the untruthful, negative attack ads, dirty tricks and potential criminal activity.

Yesterday, Cross caught his opponent’s husband trespassing on a supporter’s farm property and tampering with one of his large campaign signs.  After being spotted,  Buckland’s husband stopped his activity and quickly left the premises.  Photos and a witness statement have been turned over to the Hancock County Sheriff’s office for investigation.
“I started my campaign for State Representative because I’m a Conservative, and I want to change the culture in Columbus,” Cross said.  “I want to pass conservative policies that defend life, defend the 2nd amendment, are pro-law enforcement, pro-business and pro-family.  I always knew that the establishment would do anything to defeat true conservatives running for office, and sadly, that has come true in the 83rd district race.”
That kind of dirty politicking is nothing new for Cheryl Buckland and those supporting her.  Buckland’s campaign is being run by OHROC, Ohio House Republican Organizational campaign committee and endorsed by the Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger.  According to recent news reports he is apparently under FBI investigation for corruption and potential pay to play allegations. Speaker Rosenberger and his dark money allies are spending thousands of dollars on false advertisements about Jon Cross and other conservative candidates across Ohio. 
“Today I’m calling on Cheryl Buckland to repudiate these untruthful ads and denounce her support of Speaker Rosenberger and his allies. She needs to call on them to end the dirty politics and the pay to play in Columbus.  She needs to call on them to come clean about what’s going on.  Cheryl Buckland needs to stop hiding on the issues,” Cross said.

“I’m proud to be born and raised here, proud to raise my family here, and proud that my campaign is being run and supported by people of the 83rd district, not the Columbus swamp.  I am strongly pro-life, strongly pro 2nd amendment, the only candidate to be endorsed by conservative organizations like the Ohio Right Life, Ohio Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Buckeye Firearms Association and Ohioans For Concealed Carry.  Those are the facts that voters should know about me,” Cross said.

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