Cross Campaign Election Night Party

The Jon Cross for State Representative Campaign will host an Election Night Party to watch the returns for local, state and national races.    Join Team Cross on Tuesday, November 6th starting at 7:30PM after the polls close in downtown Kenton (Cross HQ – 15 N. Detroit Street).



Hancock-Hardin County GOP Get-Out-The-Vote Bus Tour Announced

Local Republican Candidates Make Final Campaign Push to Connect with Voters

Local Republican candidates and volunteers will participate in a Hancock-Hardin County Republican Get-Out-The-Vote Bus Tour scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd.

Republican State Representative Candidate Jon Cross will join local Republican candidates and volunteers for the “Connecting with Communities” tour, kicking off with a breakfast at the Midway Diner in Kenton, Ohio at 8:00 AM.

After the breakfast kickoff in Kenton, the tour will travel to Ada for Coffee at COSI with ONU College Republicans at 9:00, Arlington at 10:30AM, Findlay for Lunch at Wilson’s Hamburgers at 12:00 Noon, Van Buren at 1:30PM, Arcadia for Coffee at Kathy’s Korner Restaurant at 2:15PM, Vanlue for Coffee at Wildcat Cafe at 3:00PM, Dunkirk/Forest at 4:30PM and Alger for Pizza at 235 Grill at 6:00PM.

Candidates joining the tour throughout the day will include U.S. Congressman Bob Latta, State Senator Rob McColley, Jon Cross candidate for State Representative,  Hancock County Commissioner Tim Bechtol, and Tim Striker candidate for Hardin County Commissioner.  Community members are invited to meet with candidates while the tour stops in their community.  Volunteers will also be going door-to-door during the tour to promote Republican candidates running for local, state and federal positions.

Bus Tour Schedule
  • 8:00 AM | Kenton | Breakfast at Midway Diner
  • 9:00 AM | Ada | Coffee at COSI (with ONU College Republicans)
  • 10:30 AM | Arlington
  • 12:00 PM | Findlay | Lunch at Wilson’s Sandwich Shop
  • 1:30 PM | Van Buren
  • 2:15 PM | Arcadia | Coffee at Kathy’s Korner Restaurant
  • 3:00 PM | Vanlue | Coffee at Wildcat Café
  • 3:45 PM | Mt. Blanchard
  • 4:30 PM | Dunkirk/Forest
  • 6:00 PM | Alger | Pizza at 235 Grill
  • 7:00 PM | Return to Kenton

Cross Receives Chamber and Ag Endorsements

Kenton – Republican State Representative Candidate Jon Cross received two additional endorsements in support of his candidacy for the 83rd Ohio House district.   At the Annual Hardin County Farm Bureau Dinner Meeting, board members presented Cross with the Ohio Farm Bureau AGGPAC-Friends of Agriculture Award as the farm-friendly candidate for the 83rd district.

In addition, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce PAC has endorsed Cross as the candidate of choice who will champion free enterprise and pro-growth policies for the benefit of Ohioans.  Cross, who serves as the president/CEO and economic development director of the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance has made it a focus of his campaign to help make Ohio a better business-friendly state.

Cross has recently been endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life PAC, the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Buckeye Firearms Association, Ohioans for Concealed Carry and received an A-Rating from the National Rifle Association.

Jon Cross Endorsed by Pro-2nd Amendment Groups

Kenton – Today, the Jon Cross for State Representative campaign announced that Buckeye Firearms Association and Ohioans for Concealed Carry endorsed conservative Jon Cross as the candidate of choice for the 83rd Ohio House race in the upcoming Republican Primary Election.

Cross also received an A Rating from the NRA-National Rifle Association of America-PVF.

“Jon Cross has the passion and courage to stand up to the special interests and defend our rights and freedoms as Americans, including our 2nd Amendment right to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” said Jim Irvine, Board President of Buckeye Firearms Association. 

“As a principled conservative candidate, I will faithfully protect and defend our 2nd Amendment rights. I am honored to have received these endorsements and strong rating from the NRA-PVF.  I strongly support Ohioans rights to hunt, concealed carry and protect their homes and families,” said Jon Cross. 

Jon Cross Participates In Televised Candidate Forum

Republican State Representative Candidate Jon Cross participated in a recent candidate forum for the 83rd Ohio House race.   The live-televised event was hosted at the University of Findlay and sponsored by Findlay media: The Courier, WFIN and UFTV.

Jon Cross provided a strong performance, showing voters he is the only principled conservative candidate that is 100% Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment and Pro-Business.  He is has been endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life PAC, the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Buckeye Firearms Association, Ohioans For Concealed Carry, and the Hancock, Hardin and Logan County Sheriffs as the candidate of choice for the 83rd district.

Furthermore, Jon Cross was the only candidate offering positive leadership and a positive campaign message to make the 83rd district safer, stronger and open for business.  Cross said he will fight for the people of Hancock, Hardin and Logan counties-NOT the special interests in Columbus.

In addition, Team Cross hosted a “watch party” in downtown Findlay.   Jon and Christina Cross are photographed with supporters and campaign team members.

Click on the video below to watch the 83rd Ohio House Candidate Forum.


Cross Addressed Swamp-Style Campaign by Opponent

(Press Release) KENTON –  Today, Conservative State Representative Candidate Jon Cross held a press conference and called for his opponent, Cheryl Buckland to put an end to the untruthful, negative attack ads, dirty tricks and potential criminal activity.

Yesterday, Cross caught his opponent’s husband trespassing on a supporter’s farm property and tampering with one of his large campaign signs.  After being spotted,  Buckland’s husband stopped his activity and quickly left the premises.  Photos and a witness statement have been turned over to the Hancock County Sheriff’s office for investigation.
“I started my campaign for State Representative because I’m a Conservative, and I want to change the culture in Columbus,” Cross said.  “I want to pass conservative policies that defend life, defend the 2nd amendment, are pro-law enforcement, pro-business and pro-family.  I always knew that the establishment would do anything to defeat true conservatives running for office, and sadly, that has come true in the 83rd district race.”
That kind of dirty politicking is nothing new for Cheryl Buckland and those supporting her.  Buckland’s campaign is being run by OHROC, Ohio House Republican Organizational campaign committee and endorsed by the Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger.  According to recent news reports he is apparently under FBI investigation for corruption and potential pay to play allegations. Speaker Rosenberger and his dark money allies are spending thousands of dollars on false advertisements about Jon Cross and other conservative candidates across Ohio. 
“Today I’m calling on Cheryl Buckland to repudiate these untruthful ads and denounce her support of Speaker Rosenberger and his allies. She needs to call on them to end the dirty politics and the pay to play in Columbus.  She needs to call on them to come clean about what’s going on.  Cheryl Buckland needs to stop hiding on the issues,” Cross said.

“I’m proud to be born and raised here, proud to raise my family here, and proud that my campaign is being run and supported by people of the 83rd district, not the Columbus swamp.  I am strongly pro-life, strongly pro 2nd amendment, the only candidate to be endorsed by conservative organizations like the Ohio Right Life, Ohio Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Buckeye Firearms Association and Ohioans For Concealed Carry.  Those are the facts that voters should know about me,” Cross said.

# # #

Cross Statement on Negative Attack Ads

Public Statement from Republican State Representative Candidate Jon Cross regarding negative attack ads.

My campaign does not need to resort to attacking my opponent with lies and deceitful ads.  We have a winning campaign, with a winning message, to make the 83rd District safer, stronger and open for business.  I’m standing firm on my principled, conservative convictions.  I am offering voters positive leadership and open dialogue about the issues. Issues should drive campaigns, not personal attacks.  As the only 100% pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and pro-business candidate, I have endorsements from a range of individuals and organizations, from the Ohio Right to Life PAC to all three County Sheriffs of Hancock, Hardin and Logan Counties.  I was born and raised here, proud to raise my family here, and will always be here for the voters of the 83rd district.


-Jon Cross

Jon Cross Receives Second Pro-Life Endorsement

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Inc. (RTLACO) announced today their selection of Jon Cross for endorsement in the 83rd Ohio House District Republican primary. The statewide organization selected Cross because of his pro-life and pro-family stance on policy issues, consistent responses to survey questions, and ability to be successful in his efforts.

“Jon Cross definitely meets RTLACO’s demanding criteria of candidates, and is a consistent conservative” commented Ed Sitter, President of the organization. “We were pleased with Jon’s pro-life background and responses on our key issues, and anticipate a strong stance for life from him in the future in the Ohio House.”

“We are confident that pro-life voters in the 83rd House District can rest assured that Jon Cross will work diligently to advance the right to life for all Ohioans, both born and unborn” stated Jeff Barefoot, chairman of RTLACO’s Election Education Committee. Other endorsement by the organization can be found at

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Inc., exists to provide representation, leadership and support to the pro-life movement in Ohio and to public officials and candidates who courageously work for the protection of innocent human life in the public arena. It supports and advances those institutions that intrinsically foster pro-life principles within society, essentially authentic marriage and the family.

Jon Cross is running in the May 8th Republican primary in the 83rd Ohio House District, which includes Hancock, Hardin and parts of Logan county.

To learn more about Jon Cross and additional endorsements, please visit

Ohio Right to Life PAC Endorses Jon Cross

KENTON, OH – Today, Republican State Representative candidate Jon Cross received the coveted Ohio Right to Life PAC sole endorsement in the Republican primary for the Ohio House of Representatives.

Jon Cross is 100% Pro-Life, opposes the use of tax dollars for abortions and will work to promote adoption as an alternative.

“The May 2018 Primary is critical for Ohio’s pro-life movement as we must retain, advance, and promote those candidates for office who best exemplify our life-saving mission,” said Mike Gonidakis on behalf of the Ohio Right to Life PAC.

Jon Cross is running in the May 8th Republican primary in the 83rd Ohio House District, which includes Hancock, Hardin and parts of Logan county.

To learn more about Jon Cross, please visit


Hancock County Leaders Endorse Jon Cross

FINDLAY, OH –  As part of a weekly endorsement video series, former Hancock County Commissioner Edward Ingold and Hancock County Republican Central Committee Member Cheryl Blakely provided their ongoing support and endorsement to Jon Cross for State Representative in the 83rd Ohio House race.

Both Ed and Cheryl serve as Hancock County campaign co-chairs for the Friends of Jon Cross Committee, and are a part of Jon’s core leadership team.

Statement from Jon Cross:  “I am grateful for the early support of two highly respected community leaders, Edward Ingold and Cheryl Blakely.  Both are great advocates for Hancock County, share my same conservative values, as a pro-life and pro-second amendment candidate, and are supporting my campaign to make the 83rd district safer, stronger and open for business.”

Jon Cross has previously been endorsed by several elected officials, small business owners, law enforcement (all three county sheriffs), farmers, and healthcare professionals within the 83rd district.